Best Mini Militia Chat Codes, Words, Commands And Messages Download

We all are familiar with the game mini militia huh? If you are familiar, Then while playing online you have noticed some short forms are used by players . Such short forms are called chat keywords. As a noobie,it will be difficult for you to understand. So all your doubts will be cleared by us. Here we list the mini militia chat codes and commands used during the game play.

Mini Militia Chat Words & Chat Codes List

  • LG – lets go,yeah
  • BI – bring it
  • GS – get some
  • RU – Ready up
  • NN – Noooooooooo
  • CB – come on boy
  • NS – Nice shot
  • GG – Good Game
  • HH –  A perfect fighting machine, Hooooyayyy!!!
  • CM – cover me
  • MO –  move out
  • WP – You wanna piece of me!
  • GM – Oh, They got me!
During the game you might be familiar with these codes! Hope you like these collection of chat codes for mini militia! If you want you can save these chat codes for your future references. You can use these chat codes the most when you’re paying multiplayer with your team mate. So you can communicate with your team mate we well as your opponent while the game using this codes. The chat codes mentioned above can be used at any time during the game, let’s see how to use a chat code in Mini Militia
How to use Voice code during the game?
Just click the back button anytime while you’re playing the game, and it will open your system keyboard and now you can type the chat codes it will be automatically converted to voice outputs. You can see an example below.
The output voice code of the above above chat code is Let’s Go, Yeahh. So now you know what are the chat codes and how to use it too. Now let’s see when to use those codes.
When to use chat codes in Mini Militia?
It depends on you when are which code to use while playing the game, let’s see some occasions to use the above codes in the game.
1. LG,RU,CB – This can be used to notify all the other players to get ready to start the game, when someone isn’t ready and all others are waiting for a single player. This code indicates let’s start the game if everyone is ready.
2.BI,GS- Bring it can be used to tell your team mate to bring a weapon or a bomb to you.
3.NN- This can be used when you’re cheated by someone in the game.
4. CM- This can be used to tell your partner to cover you while playing team.
5.NS,HH – This can used to applause your friend for a perfect shot or a good attack.
6.MO – To warn your partner to move out from a position.
7.GM- To let your friend know that your opponent has attacked you, and take care.
Hope everyone knows how to use the Mini Militia chat codes now,  we also recommend you to read these posts!!!

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