Best 5 Weapon Combinations in Mini Militia

Hi Mini Militians I am back with an article on Top 5 best weapon combinations in Mini Militia. If you don’t know you can equip two guns at a time in Mini Militia. One primary weapon and other for backup. And there are plenty of guns in the game. And which all guns we should carry a time? Let see

Each weapon has its own use, and its tough to recommend or rank a weapon in general and everything is good if its used well. But whatever the situation maybe some combination of weapons can turn the game on your side if used simultaneously. Now let’s see which weapon Combinations you must use in your next Mini Militia.

1. Best Non-Pro pack Combination

#1. AK47 – Shot Gun


AK 47 Will give you decent range adjustment and you can kill the enemy in a shot using shotgun, if shotgun is out of bullets, then use AK 47. Both are the best weapons to carry at a time. So I recommend this is the best combination for a non-pro pack.

2. Best Defensive Combination

Defencing against the opponents is equally important as killing others, So lets see what is the best defensive combination of weapons in Mini Militia.

#1. Shield- Uzi


Shield can protect you from most of the guns, literally it can double your life. And if you are defencing with an Uzi too you can resist to a shot gun. So make sure you don’t miss a Shield and carry one with you always.

And make sure you point an opponent while holding a shield, many people point to somewhere else and shoot to someehere when enemy is in the front, from pesronal experience. Protect yourself well, Point the gun and shoot .

And while flying with shield, try not to rotate yourself. Otherwise the shots may hit on you. Keep your position always good when you are with a shield.

3. Best Long Ranged Combination

#1. Sniper- Rocket Launcher


These two are the best long ranged guns in Mini Militia. If you are good in attacking from long range carry these two guns. Some people may not be good in attacking from long range, so I prefer dont take this combination, atleast carry a short ranged gun with u all time.

If you are tood good in attacking from long range, then you have good future in Mini Militia, LOL

4. Best short ranged weapon Combination

#1 SMG-Shot Gun


Short range attack is always the brave one, yeah Men always does that, So carry these two with you act like a Men, Shot the enemies in the nearby range and be the Pro Mini Militia. Best ever among all the weapon combinations in Mini Militia.

5. Best All-Round combination ever

#1 Sniper-Shot Gun


This is the best ever combination of weapons in Mini Militia, whether you are good in short range attack or long range attack, you can do well if you carry these weapons together and play the game. Ofcourse yes, they are the best long ranged and short ranged guns, then its a perfect-perfect combination.

These are the Best weapon combinations in Mini Militia.Hope you guys enjoyed the Best 5 Weapon Combination in Mini Militia . Let me hear your opnion on the best Weapon combination in the comments.

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