Download free mod apk for Mini Militia by SHD

The most viral and trending mod of Mini Militia is SHD modded version with no doubts. You have everything unlimited on this mod and so it is considered to be the best mod ever for this game. The Mini Militia fans are very fond of this apk file and most are enjoying it meanwhile. Here we are presenting you the SHD Mod of Mini Militia and you can download the same from this page.

why should you download mini militia mod by sahad ikr ?

The mod released by sahad ikr has everything unlimited feature, you can use life,guns,shield,ammo,flying nitro etc.. as much as you like and no one can kill you in the game. This Mini Militia mod is the popular one and use by most of the Mini Militian’s. But you cannot use this while you’re playing a tournament of Mini Militia.

What is the difference between this Mod apk and the Playstore apk?

The playstore version of Mini Militia apk has many restrictions and you should purchase the pro pack to remove the restrictions and still you have limitations to use nitro,health,life,flying,weapons etc.. And if you use this apk you’re having the freedom to use all of the features as much as you like. The game is modded to use everything unlimited. The restrictions imposed by the developer on this game are removed from it and complete freedom to use everything unlimited is offered on this apk.

The SHD form of Mini Militia is a hack and modded apk. It has numerous premium components which you can’t locate in the typical game downloaded from Play Store. It’s always fun to play with these sort of premium aptitudes. Realizing that numerous individuals would prefer not to hazard their phone by rooting, we have made this mod apk which works fine with non rooted android gadgets. Let’a discuss the important features of this modded Mini Militia by SHD version.


Unlimited Health.
Unlimited flying power.
Unlimited ammo (Provided the player kills the other player with the same gun).
Upgraded to Pro Pack by default.
Suicide Option available.
Can kill others outside the map.
New Avatar.


1. Download the shd mod apk from the below link.

2. Uninstall the current mini militia game before you install this mod apk,

3. Once installed open the app and enjoy the unlimited features.



Try not to get the weapons in the event that you are getting kicked. Else hack recognition would identify.

It’s always recommended to use pistol to not get caught by the hack detector.

While you play online just kill the opponents with the default gun you have in your hand at the respawn time.

In order to avoid freeze during the play don’t change the weapons or pick available guns from the floor.


Click here to download the mod apk file (48 mb)

Credits for this Mod: Sahadikr

The above download file was specially modded by sahadikr.

Download Mini Militia apk no root needed.

Share your reviews about the modded version in the below comments section.

What are some other famous mods of Mini Militia?

There are many mods of Mini Militia which are releasing everyday but the famous and best mod ever is the one by SHD. This is the mod which are used by most people to play Mini Militia. Apart from this the other mods of Mini Militia are Death spray Modded version,Mini Militia unlimited health mod, unlimited ammo mod,free flying and unlimited health are the main features of this apk.

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