[apk file] Downloald Mini Militia Invisible apk .Trick to get Invisible avatar Mini Militia.

Mini Militia Invisible avatar  . How to get invisible avatar?

Hi friends hope you are doing good in Mini Militia, In this article I will discuss on how to get invisible avatar in Mini Militia

Step 1

First step is to download the apk editor from the link below


Step 2

Open the apk editor and select the apk file of Mini Militia from your phone

Step 3

Then click on simple edit option in the popup that appears on selecting the apk file.

And in the files that comes up open the folder assets, and then click on fonts and then open MenuTexture.png file.

The file will look like this

Step 4

Duplicate the Menutexture.png image, see the below instructions on how to duplilcate the Menutexture.png file

First,save the image to your SD card,
then edit the image with PS software in pc (just remove a avater’s hands,head,legs .e.t.c)
and then replace the image with original in apk editor, if any question? please comments,

You can download the image here


After editing the image file, you can save the apk file and just install the game again from the apk file, so now the file contains the invisible avatar of Mini Militia.

Note: The invisible version of Mini Militia will work only on the LAN wifi mode of game and you won’t be able to play Mini Militia online over internet.

Lazy enough to do these things? Then download the game directly from the link below

Mini Militia Invisible avatar download link (46 mb)


This article is just for fun and reprentation or educational purpose only,and we never encourage you or support you in playing the game with an invisible avatar. Men always play Mini Militia with visible avatar.

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