Download Mini Militia Ultra guns mod apk

Download Mini militia new ultra guns mod apk

Features of the latest Mini Militia ultra guns mod apk

You can download the Mini Militia ultra guns mod apk from this page.

1.New logo

Mini Militia ultra guns mod apk comes with new logo for the application.The modded apk is having a very different and new logo for the game.

2.New song

The song which plays on the background is different for the modded version of mini militia  mod apk.

3.New guns

This is the main attraction of this modded apk. There are many ultra level guns included in this apk. The game is more interesting with these ultra guns. The damage caused using this ultra guns is very huge comparing to the old guns in mini militia.


4.No reload

There is no need to reload the guns, you can fire the gun unlimited without any reloading in the latest mini miltia mod apk with this ultra guns.


5.unlimited bullets

As we discussed there isn’t a need for reloading the gun with new bullets, the number of bullets are also unlimited. yeah you can fire for whatever time you like. This is one of the main advantage of this modded apk. You can download the apk from this page and enjoy unlimited bullets on mini militia.


6.Bullets Passing through wall

One of the main advantage of this modded apk is that the bullets can pass through the walls while you shoot your opponent. The bullets passing through the wall can damage your opponent very hardly.


7. Unlimited flying power

The flying power is unlimited because you have infinite energy on this apk. You can fly wherever you like without losing energy. The flying power will last long as you can fly from one end to the other of the map of the mini militia game.

8.New bombs

The bombs on the new latest apk is superb and very different from the older versions. This can cause big injury to your opponents. Download the latest new ultra mod guns apk of Mini Militia and enjoy the new ultra guns and new bombs.

9.New theme controls

The new mini militia ultra guns mod apk has got a new theme control which will make the players user experience different. You can play very easily using the new apk of mini militia.


10.Unlimited health

Download the latest mini militia apk which is having ultra guns with ultra controls, see the controls of the new apk from the above photos.

Click here to download Mini Militia ultra guns mod apk from Mediafire.

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