[Complete Guide] How to Change any face in Mini Militia – Use your own photo in Mini Militia avatar

How to Change any face in Mini Militia …..!!!!!!!


Hello everyone…. Here we present simple new steps to Change any face in Mini Militia. All these steps is to done before installing the APK file…!!!

First of all you need to have APK Editor Pro app and save the menutexture.png. And below we provide the step by step Procedure for that.

Step 1: Click on “Select an APK” file from the editor

Step 2: From that you need to choose Mini Militia.apk file.

Step 3: Choose “Simple Edit (File Replacement)”.

Step 4: Choose assets folder from the installed Mini Militia File.

Step 5: From the assets folder choose hd folder.

Step 6: Save menu Texture.png. just tap to save

Step 7: Edit the menu Texture.png

Step 8: For Editing the menu texture.png you need to use the PS Touch.

Step 9: After when the Photoshop Touch App appears. You need to choose the Show pointer tool from the edit icon.

Step 10: click on selection tool and Remove any head. So that you can add the desired face you like. It is easy to remove the face through Photoshop. After selecting the desired head which you want to remove just click on the cut button on the edit toolbar.

Step 11: After that, open the image in Photoshop from which you want to add the head. Apply the same procedure in Photoshop for selecting the head from the image

Step 12: After copying the image the just place it on the same place from where we have remove the image before. After placing it just save the file in the Photoshop.

Step 13: Save the image to gallery in PNG format.

Step 14: After saving the image to gallery, you need change the menu Texture.png. For that you need to follow the steps in the beginning in which we have saved menu Texture.png. The only thing you need to do is, just Tap to add edited menu Texture.png

Step 15: Select the file which is to be replaced in menu Texture.png

Step 16: After replacing it just tap on the save menu to save the changes

Step 17: Now install Mini Militia File and play. Enjoy the added image which you have replaced.

Yippie! You’re done with Change any face in Mini Militia

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This article is just for fun and reprentation or educational purpose only,and we never encourage you or support you in playing the game with random face.

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