How To Play Mini Militia Online Game With Friends For Free

Mini Militia Online Multiplayer Game

Mini militia is one of the most addictive game in the market and its still worth it. Doodle Army 2 also known as Mini Militia is an online multiplayer combat game which gives the great experience ever. One could play mini militia with up to 6 friends through online. The game has a decent graphics but the way it has been built give the feel of real combat that bring the essence of addiction towards this game.
mini militia online play multiplayer game

Mini Militia Online Play

The online multiplayer feature of the Mini Militia could be experienced under the ‘Quick play’ modes. Choosing quick play you will need to wait for your friends to connect your server. Mini militia has many serversin different locations for the ease of online play. Once the friends are connected to the online play, they can form teams within themselves. You can even vote for the three maps available. The map with the highest number of votes will be selected for the online play. One can even chat with their friends with the option available. One can also estimate the experience and skills of the opponent by having a look over the mini militia ranks and batches.
Mini Militia Online Game Download
The mini militia game can be downloaded straight forward as the game is available in the Android’s Play Store and IOS’s App Store. Mini Militia has already started to top the charts. It has reached millions of download and also getting 5 star ratings from the gamers.

Mini Militia Online Purchase

Mini militia game that you have downloaded from the above links have got some restrictions. Though the app is free to download from the Play Store and App Store but this app has an in-app purchase. The in-app purchase gives a lot of extra features which one will not get in the normal version. This in-app purchase allows the user to customize their avatar to the fullest and to use the powerful online weapons which could be found during the online game and the purchase will just cost less than a dollar. Well we are always finding some ways to hack mini militia and access all features for free. Don’t worry below this article we have added a hack to get mini militia pro pack for free and upgrade all the features.

Mini Militia Online Tips And Tricks

Here are the few tips and tricks to play mini militia which may help you rank higher during the online play.
Once the online players are connected to the server have a look over their ranks and batches. Have an eye on the players with high ranks so that you may avoid fighting with them during the play.
Reload the guns before you are into an attack. It will help you save time.
Don’t compete with the players who has got dual guns.
If your health goes down commit suicide, so that your opponent will not get points.

Mini Militia Online Ranks And Points

This is one of the special feature in Mini Militia. It provides the points for the online players which ranges from 0 to 99. The more you play well, the higher will be your ranks. To boost your online points you have to compete and win in the online games. However there are even short cuts and hacks through which you can get fake points and ranking during the Mini militia online play.

Mini Militia Online Server

Mini Militia has a large number of servers through which we can play games in online. Based on the location many servers are available so that you can quickly connected. Most of the time thousands of players will be readily available for online so that you can enjoy the seamless gaming.
Mini Militia has a great combat features which is at an obsessive level. Download the Mini Militia game in your Android and IOS, and enjoy the gaming experience like Counter Strike in Phones and Tablets.

Mini Militia Online Chat Codes

These are the few online chat codes which is universally adopted by all the players online in mini militia.

BI: bring it
LG: lets go,yea
RU: ready up
GS: get some
NNOOOOOOO: noooooooooooo
HH: hoo yra
CM: cover me
CB: come on boy
MO: move out

Mini Militia Online Hack And Cheats

Mini Militia has a lot of hack which the players could tweak around and have fun in the game. Players hack the Mini Militia for various reasons like unlimited ammo, unlimited fly power, experience points, etc. There are plenty of ways in which one could actually hack the game. Through the software like ES File explorer, Cheat droid, Lucky Patcher and even using some patched Mini Militia app. But players started complaining that the hackers are spoiling the real experience of the game which seem to be true.
We have a separate post on mini militia hack. Follow the below links to upgrade pro pack and get many features with the mini militia hack.
  • Mini Militia Pro Pack Hack for Free
  • Mini Militia hack for rooted android phones

Mini Militia Online Not Working Problem

Sometimes these kind of errors occur during the online play. The possible reasons could be due to the Internet connectivity or the mini militia servers. Even if you are not watching the ads, a pop up will arise stating that you have quit the penalty. To fix it just watch the advertisements. Then you are ready to connect with your online friends.

If you have got any questions or clarifications, feel free to comment below.
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