[ How to Kill Shield ] DA2 Mini Militia 7 Ways To Kill a Shield

How to Kill Shield in MiniMiltia ? Shield is literally less used weapon in Doodle Army 2. Because whenever someone use it, others would call him Noob or dare him to fight without it. You know why?? Because they are the real Noobs and they wouldn’t know how to kill a shield. In some matches, those Noobs will set a rule not to use the shield, because they don’t have guts to face the shield. They will always complain for using shields. They would say that shield is Noob’s weapon coz they don’t want to face it. But, you guys should know there are always a dozens of ways to kill these shielded opponents. And here in this article I’m going to show 7 different ways to kill shielded opponents.

1. Rocket Launcher

One of the coolest method for killing the shielded opponent is by using Rocket Launchers. All you need to do is just pick rocket launcher in your weapon kit and load it whenever you see a shielded opponent. So that you can bust him open….!!!!

2. Gas Grenade

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Another easiest way to face shielded opponent is by throwing Gas Grenade. This is a simplest strategy to kill.

3. Proxy Trap

This is a type for strategically attacking the shielded opponent. What you need to do is just place a Proxy Trap in a spot where the shielded opponent can possibly come. Make sure that you have placed in the proper place. After sometime it will automatically get explode and the shielded opponent will be dead during the explosion.

How to Kill Shield in MiniMiltia ? 

4. Flame Thrower

How to Kill Shield in MiniMiltia ? 

By using Flame Thrower, you can just simply throw the flames over the shielded opponent. By throwing continuously the shielded opponent cannot resist the Flames and which may leads to his death.


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5. Machete


Use of Sword or Machete is also an weapon to kill the Shielded Opponent.

6. Saw Gun

How to Kill Shield in MiniMiltia ? 

Saw Gun is my favorite weapon in DA2. I love the sound while we fire the saw and it has good use though.

7. Round up and Shoot

This is the easiest of all the techniques mentioned here. You don’t need any special weapon for this. Just Round up and Shoot over the opponent.


How to Kill Shield in MiniMiltia

Note: Well that’s all I remember at this moment, if you know any new moves post it in the comment section so that others could make use of it. Check Kerala DHSE Results 2017 here

How to Kill Shield in MiniMiltia ? 


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