Mini Militia CTF Tricks & Tips

What is Mini Militia CTF ?

Mini Militia CTF Game Mode – Capture the Flag

  • In Mini Militia CTF mode the priority should be given to capturing the flag rather than kills. Because kills wont give you points as flags do.So pick the enemy flag and take it to your base.


  • Use flamethrower to remove smoke/gas cloud


  • Always plan youe attacks from unexpected points


  • Use EMPs to freeze your opponents jetpack. Gives you 30 seconds advantage over your enemy


  • Unlimited boost gives you extra advantage for longer attacks and can be very useful often.


  • Throw frags and mines near enemy’s respawn areas , increases your chances to get the flag easily.


  • Do same in your base to keep enemys away from your flag





  Best of Luck 👍🏻


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