All Mini Militia Ranks, Badges, EXP Levels

All mini militia ranks badges levels

In this article let’s see all mini militia ranks badges levels. The levels are unlocked as the game proceeds. You can achieve the badge Commander in Chief if you are a professional in Mini Militia.

Here are the rankings, badges now offered in a Mini Militia also known as Doodle army two. In addition to it, I also have included the experience stage (EXP) needed to attain this badges and ranks. With luck, this post would answer some queries concerning the topic.

 Badge          Rank Total Exp Required Exp required reaching Next Level



0 100
mini-militia-badge PRIVATE FIRST     CLASS 100 400
minimilitiaranks COPORAL 500 500
all-ranks-minimilitia SERGEANT 1000 1000
all-ranks-mini-militia STAFF SERGEANT 2000 1500
all-badges-mini-militia SERGEANT FIRST CLASS 3500 1500
all-badges-mini-militia MASTER SERGEANT 5000 1750
mini-militia-ranks-features FIRST SERGEANT 6750 1750
minimilitia-labels SERGEANT MAJOR 8500 2500
exp-levels-mini-militia 2nd LIEUTENANT 11000 2500
mini-militia-explevels 1st LIEUTENANT 13500 3000
all-exp-levels CAPTAIN 16500 3000
major-minimilitia MAJOR 19500 3500
major-mini-militia LIEUTENANT COLONEL 23000 4000
mini-militia COLONEL 27000 4000
mini-militia-levels MAJOR GENERAL 35000 4000
badges LIEUTENANT GENERAL 39000 5000


levels GENERAL 44000 6000
minimilitiabadgesrankslevels GENERAL OF THE ARMY 50000 50000


Hope you have enjoyed reading all mini militia ranks badges levels and now it’s your turn to master the game and let us know which level you’re on now. Do comment your badge here and let everyone know what is your EXP level.


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