Top 10 Things Hated by Mini Militia Players

We all are addicted to this awesome lovely combat game called Mini Militia….this is a masterpiece from the developers for all mobile gamers. Whenever we are free, the game can be played with friends. According to the people the best way to spend time is by playing Mini Militia.
But there are certain things that players hate while playing this game. Here we made an article regarding ‘Top 10 Things Hated By Mini Militia Players’. Check it out.

1. Any Player Not getting ready
One of the most awkward thing while we going to start the game is, other players which are in the game are not getting ready for the play.


All of us have really encountered a situation in which atleast one of the player not getting ready for the game. In my personal opinion IT REALLY ANNOYS ME ….!!!!!! Actually, each player will be customizing there play. But, once you joined the game it’s good to start early as possible.


2. Players getting lag

The second most awkward thing while playing Mini Militia is getting lag while play. The players may take time to respond in game. Due to this lag other players, i.e. those players who are active can easily kill the player who is in lag. By doing this other players can get more kills during the play and they are also helpless.


3. Hackers or Cheaters

The other thing which makes the genuine players unhappy and irritating is, those players who use hacked versions of Mini Militia. Hacked versions in the sense these players have unlimited jetpacks, snipers, short guns and each and every weapons which are useful for this game. For those who play this game with their genuine skill find very difficult to kill this cheaters. Difficult in the sense it’s an impossible task to do. Genuine players will get fed up of these cheaters. Players won’t know that the player with whom they are playing is hacked or not. They play with the sports spirit and after knowing that the player is a hacked one, they will quit the game and go.


4. Getting to play in places where we won’t prefer

Yes we could vote for our favorite places to play but we may not get our favorite places. Personally in my opinion, I hate that…!!!!! We our voting for our favorite places in the sense that is the place where we can play this game comfortably. If we are not getting the place we are voting the play seems to be out of our comfort zone.


5. Accidentally falling off the cliff and saying that you are killed by your opponent

By mistake we may fall from the cliff and die but, the credit will goes to the opponent in the name of kills. This is one of the funniest and also the same time the most awkward thing which I feel. The opponent is getting a kill unknowingly without any effort.


6. Rushing to take a gun and realizing that it was out of ammo

We might be playing a tight match and our guns are running out of ammo. We will be searching for new guns while playing and suddenly we found a gun. Rushing to take that gun and that awkward moment we realize that the gun which we took is running out of ammo….!!! Makes me mad and I Hate it…!!!!


7. Players leaving the game

Unnecessarily leaving the game make others mad. They might lose their control and will get angry. It’s better not to quit the game while you are in play.


8. Falling and dying on proximity mines

Getting killed in the proximity mine will be the most awkward thing and the funniest thing is the mine might be placed by ourself. It will makes us even madder.


9. Losing Internet connection

Another issue that comes while playing mini militia is losing the internet connection and we cannot continue the play. We have to stop in the middle of play. If we lose the connection we have to wait for the connection to come and we have to set up the game from the very beginning.


10. Losing the skill point even we win the match

Even though we win the match by having more number of kills and if we don’t have skill point that feels awful. Skill point also matters while we play mini militia. With more number of kills and at the same time we need to concentrate on skill points also.


Thank You for reading this article. To know more the Mini Militia Game please do visit our website frequently. More posts Coming Up Check It Out…..!!!!!!!



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