Name and Features of All the 18 Weapons in Mini Militia

Name and Features of All the 18 Weapons in Mini Militia.

Do you know the name and specifications and how to use all the weapons in Mini Militia ? If not reading this article can teach you the features and tricks in all the 18 weapons in Mini Militia

There are plenty of guns available in Mini Militia to chose, so first we can see all the guns in Mini Militia

This list of weapons in Mini Militia will be updated when developers add more guns to the game

1. EMP


  • Shoots a large EMP ball that travels a distance and electrifies anyone who it caught in it.

  • It can be used to terminate proxy mines.

  • When they are electrified, their rocket boots will not work for about 30 seconds. However, it does not do damage.

  • The ball can go through covers. Use it at your advantage. Use it when your opponent is high in the air for maximum effect or to make them unable to escape.

  • Effective when combined with SMAW. Hit them with the EMP then shoot a rocket at them.

  • Kill its user before the EMP is unleashed.

2. LASER Gun


  • This laser does not deal great amounts of damage .However, its fire rate is continuous.

  • Use it as a long range weapon, and do not hesitate firing where you think the enemy is. It may be useful against enemies trying to rush.

  • Stay behind covers, do not try to dodge the laser.



Great weapon at close range, fire will vanish at longer ranges.

  • Good for damaging multiple people at once.

  • You will take damage if you are next to a wall and fire at it.

  • Penetrates riot shields.

  • You can also hurt your team-mates with this weapon, thus it is a very good weapon for trolling.

  • Use it as secondary backup weapon, or ambush others while hidden inside a bush or similar object.

  • Fall back as your enemy might rush at you. Use a ranged weapon to kill the enemy

  • The Flamethrower used in this game is similiar to the ones used in the WW1 Trench Warfare.



  • The Uzi is one of the default weapons in the game, so the player don’t need to buy the Pro Pack to use this weapon. The Uzi is a submachine gun, so a fully automatic handgun, what means that it fires multiple shots per second without any longer interruptions. The magazine holds in general 40 bullets, but this amount can be enlarged with the perk “Handgun Clip Extender”, which increases the clip size for the Uzi (and Desert Eagle) by 25%.

  • Sometimes, no matter if in singleplayer or a multiplaye rmatches, the player can spawn with the Uzi as his primary weapon. If this is the case, the player will have 250 more bullets for reloading.If the player purchases the Pro Pack he will be able to play with one Uzi and another handgun at the same time, so he can play with the Dual Wield feature.

  • The maximum zoom with the Uzi is 3x. The accuracy of the Uzi is pretty low. While the firing rate is pretty fast one of this submachine guns deals an average amount of damage. It is recommended to play with dual Uzis or at least with another handgun at the same time.

5.Desert Eagle


  • The Desert Eagle is one of the default weapons in the game, so the player don’t need to buy the Pro Pack to use this weapon. Unlike to the Uzi and the Magnum the player will spawn with the Desert Eagle as his default secondary weapons (as long as he has not purchased the silenced golden Desert Eagle.

  • The Desert Eagle is a semi automatic handgun, but compared to the Magnum its firing rate is pretty fast. It shots several bullets per second. The magazine holds in general 15 rounds. Plus to the 15 bullets the gun already holds the player will have 50 more backup rounds.

  • If the player purchases the Pro Pack he will be able to play with one D’Eagle and another handgun at the same time, so he can play with the Dual Wield feature

  • The maximum zoom with the Desert Eagle is 2x. The accuracy of the Desert Eagle is average. Plus to the more or less fast firing rate and its low damage the D’Eagle is definitely not the weapon for open combat. Even if dual wield is possible it is recommended to change your secondary weapon if you got the chance to. Obviously the D’Eagle is the weakest weapon in the game.

6. Magnum


  • The Magnum is one of the default weapons in the game, so the player doesn’t need to buy the Pro Pack to use this weapon. The Magnum, or .44 Magnum, is a semi automatic handgun, so its firing rate is very slow. The Magnum shots approximately 1 bullet per second, while it can just hold 6 rounds.

  • Like the Uzi, the Magnum is one of the starting weaponsin singleplayer and multiplayer matches as well.

  • If the player purchases the Pro Pack he will be able to play with one Magnum and another handgun at the same time, so he can play with the Dual Wield feature.

  • Plus to the 6 bullets the weapon already holds you got 36 backup rounds. The maximum zoom with the Magnum is 3x. While the firing rate is pretty slow one of this gun deals a more or less high amount of demage. 3 (in some cases up to 5) hits are enough to get your opponent down.

7. M4


Great overall weapon in Mini Militia.

  • Can take down an enemy with a single burst to the head if handled wisely.

  • Shoots in three round bursts.

  • Try to stay in open spaces when using it, or in straight corridors, to have a direct firing line for at least 1 second. This weapon has the advantage of having a serious damage with its three bullets but also the drawback of not firing very fast between bursts.

  • Take cover or to dodge the enemy fire.

    8. M14


  • This rifle is somewhat like a dumped down version of the M93BA (the other sniper rifle) with lower accuracy, range and non-instantaneous bullet speed, but with a faster firing rate, making it still suitable at closer range.

  • As with the M93BA, try to stay far away from your enemy to prevent it from noticing and killing you. With its faster firing rate, you can still aim by trial and error.

  • Move erratically (dodge by doing sudden lateral movements) and take cover

9. Sniper (M93BA)


A very good weapon in Mini Militia for long range.

  • A head shot will kill instantly, and any shot below the head takes 1 shot and a melted attack to kill.

  • If the range is set to 7X, a large amount of the map is shown. With 2X view and the zoom set to 7X, you can see almost the entire High Tower map.

  • Get far enough from the enemy that they cannot see you. Then take aim. Try to get a head shot. You may fire at them but not actually touch them at all while they could be ahead or behind you. Keep in mind that great skill and experience is required to use this weapon at full potential.Once you hit the target in the body, rush him with your melee, shoot him again with the sniper (only is really effective at long range), or pound him with your other weapons

  • This weapon currently has the highest zoom range in the game (7x)



  • This tool can be used only with the melee button and when in direct contact with the opponent.Rush into people. Dual-wielding is recommended (probably a Uzi or Magnum or Riot Shield)

You can also use this weapon while hiding on the bushes in Outpost and So Long pvp maps, just stay there and wait till someone gets close and attack them (but dont forget to run)

  • Keep your distance. Your opponent will have only short ranged weaponry or equip a riot shield with them. Try to hold something that has 4x range or more.

11. MP5


  • A very good weapon, great for rushing, your opponent will fall in seconds, always have a long range backup weapon in case your opponent favors ranged combat.

  • Has 50 shots and a maximum of 400 extra shots.

  • Don’t let the opponent get you from long range, try to get into a corner were they will be force to meet you in close combat or ambush them while attacking someone

  • Use a ranged weapon and move back while attacking to take minimal damage. The only problem with this method is if your opponents do not realize what you are doing, they might think you are an hacker.

12. AK47


This gun should be picked up immediately to replace your starter guns.

  • Pro pack players don’t usually use this gun because they can double wield two Uzis, which by far beats the AK47.

  • However, this and dual wield magnums are the only ones better than a few of the spawned guns.

13. Shot Gun


A great weapon for close range.

  • It shoots many bullets at a time.

  • They are very powerful only good close range though, so you need a long range weapon as a backup.

  • Get close up to someone. A full shot will kill instantly. It is also advisable to keep a ranged weapon with you too.

  • Get close up to someone. A full shot will kill instantly. It is also advisable to keep a ranged weapon with you too.

14. SMAW


Another good weapon for killing enemies from far away. This is one of the weapons in Mini Militia which makes the game more fun.

  • The rockets fly slowly, and the reload time is the slowest of all weapons.

  • Has 3 rockets in the clip and a maximum of 6.

  • Since its shots are splash-type, you are going to die instantly if its shots explode near you so beware.

  • Taking a direct hit from a rocket will still kill you even if you crouch.

  • There is a limit to how far the rocket can travel, and the rocket explodes if it reaches that limit without hitting anything. (proven on the Cliffhanger map)

15. SAW Gun


A very overpowered weapon if used correctly. This is the one among the most used weapons in Mini Militia in Catacombs level.

  • If the saw hits a wall, it will rebound so be careful not to suicide with this.

  • Saw explodes after about 5 seconds.

  • The saw gun only appears on the Catacombs and Cliffhanger maps.

  • It is the only weapon in the game that is meant to have rebounding ammo.

Thats all the Guns under the weapons in Mini Militia Now lets see the Bomb  weapons in Mini Militia

16. Frag


A good weapon for killing enemies that aren’t in gun range, and can throw the furthest. It is of green color.

This is one among the weapons in Mini Militia which is available when starting a game.

You usually possess more grenades than you need, so do not be afraid to throw some of these around. They do not explode on contact, but on a timer (approx. 1.5 seconds). Suitable for long distance, and cornering people.

17. Gas


When thrown, makes a small, circular, green cloud that lasts for about 15 seconds. Damages anyone in the vicinity of it. Damage is strongest in the center of the cloud. There is no way to make the cloud disappear. This is one of the most used weapons in Mini Militia to gain free kills.

Use it at your spawn points – other players might spawn there too, you can get a very easy kill! but make sure you don’t spawn there.

  • Use it if you think the opponent is low on rocket fuel to corner them.

  • Use in a tight passage after a drop, they might not suspect and fall through it, resulting in significant damage. Be wise: sometimes fragmentation grenades are better in some situations, as they kill immediately when they set off.

  • They are useless against robots in survival mode.

  • If you see a powerful gun but you cannot/don’t want to pick it up, throw a gas grenade on the gun so nobody can pick it up. Most of the time the gun will disappear before the gas cloud dissipates.

18.Proxy Mine


When thrown in air, they explode in approx. 2 seconds. They are unaffected by gravity, and as such cannot be thrown very far. Explodes on human contact after a throw. If it hits a surface it will stick on it and arm. If someone gets close enough to activate it when armed or a frag grenade blow up nearby, it will explode as well. This is one of the good weapons in Mini Militia

NOTE : It takes a few seconds to arm when it hits a surface. When it is thrown a green light is shown. When it sticks to a surface but not armed a yellow light will show. When the proxy mine is armed there is a red flashing light.

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